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Founded by Jean Galatoire in 1905, Galatoire’s specializes in French Creole cuisine and is the French Quarter’s hot spot for lunch on Fridays.

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The two men were born and raised in the general area, a sleepy southern town, ringed by thick forests, winding rivers and families who trace their bloodlines to the pioneers who settled these isolated hillsides. They played softball with buddies on the weekend and pumped iron in a local gym.

Bourbon County Detention Center is in Bourbon County and is the primary jail for the region. Do you have a family member or friend that is locked up and want to contact them?

History In one of the oldest cities in America, Bourbon Street is rich with historic venues, social tales and iconic buildings.

The street dates back to 1798, when New Orleans was founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.

* * * n March 11, 2015, nearly two years since the first reported thefts of Pappy had emerged, Jeff Farmer, a detective with Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, received a text: “You might be interested in whiskey being stolen in full barrels.” After the initial report of the Pappy theft, the story had gone viral, known worldwide as Pappygate. Despite the universal attention, a ,000 reward and police interviews with more than one hundred employees at the distillery, nothing solid came back. Police had no idea if these men were related to the earlier heist, but it was worth checking out.Also known as “Rue Bourbon,” this monumental street sits at the heart of the French Quarter extending 13 blocks from Canal St. Points of Interest One of the most luxurious spots on Bourbon Street, The Royal Sonesta Hotel, opened in 1969 but the hotel’s site dates back to 1721, when Adrien de Pauger first laid out the city of New Orleans.The land once contained stables, houses and even a brewery.Bourbon Street is loaded with the best Burlesque Clubs, DJs, bars and endless celebration opportunities.But there is also another side to Bourbon, steeped in history, folklore and beauty that dates back to the early 18th century.

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