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Alternatively, for those external to the University, a vast amount of records from the Cambridge Database are openly available via the National Equipment Portal.[Music Playing] A webcam isn’t the best option for creating online video.It sits close, the angle is bad, and the quality is a bit light, but it is possible to use a webcam and improve the overall quality and presentation of your online videos by using a few simple tips and tricks.[Music Playing] A big piece of the puzzle would be to adjust the positioning of your webcam, keeping it along the same line of site as your eye level, which is generally the best possible angle that would feel the most natural and look the best.

When your eyes are off access with the webcam, it is much less compelling and prevents you from making eye contact with the viewer.Hosts, presenters, and participants with enhanced rights can simultaneously share video from webcams connected to their computers.You can select the webcam feed to broadcast if you have multiple webcamsworking.Video Pod in Adobe Connect allows Hosts and Presenters to share a webcam video feed with the participants to make the virtual sessions more engaging and useful.Adobe Connect supports a myriad video sharing options.

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