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I giggle remembering it as He grabs the soaps from the shelf.He begins soaping my body and cleaning everywhere, slipping two soap filled fingers inside my wet pussy and pumping them.I kneel in front of him and kiss the head of His cock and slowly kiss every part of it. I take it in my hands and pump it slowly while I wrap my lips around the tip.Sucking the tip as I grip his weighted Balls in my hand and begin rubbing them. He grabs my wrists and pulls me up to meet His face.I moan and begin to pant as his stroke speed increases.I begin to arch my back and push myself down hard to His hands, whining and begging Him. I need to......" He laughs and shoves them further into me and holds them still. You are starting to tighten around my fingers and I have not given you permission." He looks into my begging eyes and smiles softly at me. I don't want you do cum yet." Hearing my whine He pulls His fingers out." If you do we will be finished for the night.Typical overlapping themes include maids, nannies, babysitters, and other domestics getting fucked by their married male employers.Occasional overlap with Daddy/Daughter fantasies featuring mom being set aside in favor of the younger hotter daughter.

He reaches in to the shower and turns the water on steamy hot. We have already tried to let Him carry me in, it ended poorly with my concussion and bloody nose after He slipped.

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Cuckquean fantasy identifies the relationship dynamic between the spouses, which is defined as a sexually dominant husband and sexually submissive wife.

It is as common to find wives who are reluctant or forced witnesses as it is to find those who are active recruiters & participants in their husband's infidelity.

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