Dating ibanez pedals

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Nowell played in various bands until forming the group Sublime with bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, whom he had met while attending California State University, Long Beach.

For many of us, the final evolution of the distortion pedal. In the beginning was the germanium English, then any buzzing silicon mosquitoes, followed by diode fueled distortion from the US, and last the Nippon diode op amp silicon complicated overdrive.

and ts808, it is an unspoken consensus of op amps and resistors.

Distortion boxes are not different, because human ears, like human taste, are a very precise mechanism that can perceive very small differences in the final resulting tone.

I believe this is why original ts808 sound better than reissues & ts9, because they were differently made, wired, soldered, stocked, painted, drilled, etc let alone that their components are not exactly the same.

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