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Part of my job is taking cute, creative photos of the new Naughty Monkey shoe arrivals, giving me the perfect excuse to really glam myself up for the day.

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Grab a plate of barbecue, a cold microbrew and a chair-backed seat at the 50-yard line. Motto -- "Having a Ball."Coach of the Year -- Brady Hoke, Ball State. The program had won one of its past 24 games heading into this season.

These are 20 inch long extensions and come with 7 pieces of hair in each package. I have tried several brands of clip-in hair, and these extensions are definitely some of the best.

The hair is very easy to style and holds up really well, with minimal tangling.

But in case of a tie, what better way to break it than head-to-head? Despite the versatility of punter/place-kicker Louie Sakoda and the dominance of the Utes' defense Johnson deserves his props. Fortunately, the Boise administration showed incredible patience to stay with him through last year's 10-3 debacle. Bragging Point -- For the third straight season, the WAC has sent a 12-0 team into the top 10. Game of the Year -- UTEP 40, Southern Mississippi 37, OT. A program with the tradition of the Redhawks isn't real thrilled about a third straight losing season. Game of the Year -- Eastern Michigan 56, Central Michigan 52 (36).

Especially when the game in question was played on a neutral field? The senior quarterback's improvement this year made an undefeated season possible. Player of the Year -- Kellen Moore (30), Boise State. Early in the year, the Bulldogs were a trendy BCS Buster pick. Don't Mention -- In terms of prestige, the league (specifically Boise) is still paying for the massacre of impostor Hawaii in last season's Sugar Bowl. Typical C-USA scorefest -- the losing team had a running back go for 260 yards. In his last game as coach of the perpetually horrible Eagles, Jeff Genyk had Schmitt throw the ball 80 times.

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