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You'll need to occasionally allow yourself to play wounded knight or damsel in distress, and let your mate charge to your rescue.

However, don't spiral into neurotic helplessness or analysis paralysis.

Astrology Advice Cancer women are very emotional beings.

Remember that because your sign is the crab, you are prone to sadness and depression.

No world dominion required for fulfillment, thank you very much.

Parents and siblings may be especially important for socializing.

Thanks to Gemini, there are always other people around which warms Cancers heart.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Gemini Woman: It’s ok to be as flirtatious as you like. His conversation is not likely to be as witty or clever as you would like but give him a chance.

They enjoy trying new things and make sure to have a good time in the process.

As you weigh the qualities of a prospective mate, do not settle for what is on the surface. However, tread carefully when venturing into love with him. Taurus will make you feel comfortable, but a sense of security is what you really want.

Let's take a look at the signs of the zodiac and see what a Cancer woman may expect from each. You may feel that Taurus does not care enough about you.

Or which one will give you the most passionate mate? Whether astrology is a real thing or not, many people swear by it or are at least curious as to how it works. We could all use a little help in the love department every now and then, so why not see what the stars tell?

If you're interested in learning which zodiac sign you should date, you're in luck.

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