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Pierson Fode shows off his excellent side eye game while heading back to his car after a workout in Los Angeles earlier in the week.It was just announced that the 24-year-old actor is a pre-nominee at the for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.MTV/Instagram When we were first introduced to Daniel Dwayne Simmons III on the MTV reality show “Run’s House,” he was just a little boy with braces who could dance and rap, but did it for fun. HBO/Instagram Once known for his work on “The Wire,” we watched Tristan Wilds go from quiet but protective to fierce and confident stick-up artist Michael Lee.

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These are some of the child stars who grew up to be hot.

Sometimes I look at pictures of child stars I remember from the days when they were little kids and I think–damn!

He’s not so little anymore…I used to feel a little weird about it, but once I check the Wikipedia pages of these individuals and realize that they’re over 18, all feelings and rules go out the window.

Richmond will play Emmett, a hotsie tootsie teen who the ladies love, so much so that he has fathered three children by three different women while still in high school.

His bachelor life changes when he ends up raising one of his three children full-time.

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