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It was a much-needed rest stop for a bit of family warmth and good food.

Now, as an adult, I find excuses to return to Norway every few years.

I began to realize that our world is intriguing, and exploring it can be endlessly entertaining.

It hit me: This planet is home to billions of equally precious people. Later, as an older teenage vagabond slumming through Europe, I'd regularly pop in on relatives in Norway.

Tender moment: Steve Jobs met Laurene Powell when she was a grad student at Stanford, and they married two years later in 1991.

They were said to have had 'an exceptionally close marriage' (seen here in 2011, months before his death) Political family: Fenty- seen holding his daughter Aerin while the couple's twin sons Matthew and Andrew stand behind Michelle on the local Election Day in 2010- has not yet had his divorce finalized As she pushes her charity work, Mrs Jobs has started to increase her public profile, and friends suggest that it is time that she starts to make a name for herself that is removed from her husband's legacy.

Four decades later, Uncle Thor still meets me at the train station in his little town of Sandefjord.

Molly Peckler is a life/dating coach who believes it’s important that those who love weed should make sure the person they decide to date does too.

While she was on the boards of several companies and charities during his lifetime, it was only after he died that she began to speak publicly and use her fame to draw attention to the causes that matter to her- education reform and school accessibility for the children of immigrants being the two biggest passion projects.But here’s what I’d tell my girlfriends NOT to miss.Don’t even get me started on all the other things there are to do in Savannah.Born and raised in California, she is the daughter of Pat Musick and Jeff Whitman.Her father Jeff was a personal manager and set construction coordinator.

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